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Клип металлика die die my darling - поиск крек антивирус касперского

This was a final project for my video production class. Our group decided on "Die, Die My Darling" performed by Metallica to use in our music video. Die, die, die my darling / Don't utter a single word / Die, die, die my darling / Just shut your pretty eyes / I'll be seeing you again / Yeah, I'll be seeing Die, Die My Darling is the Disc 1 fifth track from Garage, Inc. It was written by Glenn Danzig, with a length of 2:27. This song was originally released by The. Когда Ride The Lightning привлёк внимание крупных звукозаписывающих компаний, Metallica подписала.

"Die, Die My Darling" was covered by the American heavy metal band Metallica for their 1998 covers album Garage. The official website for all things Metallica. “Die, Die My Darling” has been performed live 114 time. The song was first played live on October 18, 1998 in Los.

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